Petra de Vries

what does it mean to “simply” BE?


On this website you’ll find my work as a visual artist i’ve made this last decade. It contains works on paper, on canvas and my latest work, where i use photography, video and performance to build on this ongoing project titled I AM… Besides my autonomous work, i also work as an educator on art based school projects. You’ll find more information on that if you click the education button.



All these works have a paper ground. I developed a technique in which i use all kind of materials to “build” them layer by layer…


All these works have a canvas ground on a frame. I use the same multi layered technique that is used on the paper works. For me there is no constraint on the materials… so charcoal, acrylic paint and oil paint can live happily together in one piece of work!


For the last few years i’ve been working on an ongoing project which is titled I AM… This is where i try to find my position in this sometimes(or mostly) absurd world. I try to reflect on what’s going on and visualize this in a pondering and poetic way.


“I PETRA” is a ongoing collection of photographic self studies. Mixing performance art with the selfie phenomenon, this work mirrors the sincere, intense and yet playful search for her female identity in relation to a constantly changing and sometimes alienating context.

You can visit my instagram to see the collection so far.